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We are a broad alliance of organizations working to build Memphis and Shelby County into a model of justice and safety that supports healing for crime survivors and accountability for those who have caused harm, while demonstrating a public and community health approach to address and prevent incidents of violence and harm.

Our members represent and seek to support people who live in historically marginalized and criminalized communities, and who are disproportionately impacted by the juvenile and adult criminal legal systems, especially those who are Black, Latinx, immigrants, and LGBTQ+.


The Justice & Safety Alliance is a broad coalition of organizations committed to transforming how public systems operate in Memphis and Shelby County by collectively developing and advocating for equitable policies and practices, rooted in racial justice, that increase authentic safety, accountability, and healing.


Memphis and Shelby County implement and invest in community-based programs and governmental systems that provide equitable access to justice, safety, and wellness for our community’s historically marginalized individuals and neighborhoods.

We recognize the harm that we have collectively upheld and sanctioned during past and current disinvestment that creates the current circumstances of disparity and inequity.

We dismantle punitive and violent systems of social control and replace them with restorative systems of justice. We provide transformative opportunities for community accountability and healing.

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